North Lancashire Methodist Circuit

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CREATING SAFER SPACE -Foundation Module Training



This list was approved by the Methodist Conference 2011 where it formed an appendix to the Creating

Safer Space report.

Core List - Required Attendance

Presbyters with an active preaching or pastoral ministry

Deacons with an active preaching or pastoral ministry

Pre-ordination students and probationers

Lay employees & Volunteer Workers with pastoral responsibility

Pastoral Visitors

Anyone working with 0 – 18 year olds in the name of the church

Anyone working in activities targeted at adults who are vulnerable (e.g. luncheon club for the


Church stewards

Circuit stewards

Local preachers

Worship leaders

Those training for local preaching or worship leading

Church and circuit safeguarding representatives

Choir/music group/drama leaders – where there are 0-18 year olds or vulnerable adults in the group.

District staff especially policy committee members, complaints and discipline, mediators

Core teaching staff at Methodist Church Training Institutions

Connexional staff with direct safeguarding links e.g. children and youth workers


Warmly invited but not mandatory

Evangelism/mission enablers

Leaders of other organisations, working with 0-18yr olds or vulnerable adults,

who use church premises

Remaining Choir/music group/drama leaders

Any other group leaders within the church, who may have adults within their particular group who are


Property stewards and other keyholders


Church/circuit meeting secretaries

Church/circuit/district administrators

Remaining District and Connexional staff

Remaining teaching staff at Methodist Church Training Institutions